Young Lee, Pinkberry co-founder, convicted of assault towards Daniel Bolding

Shelly Hwang and Young Lee
Shelly Hwang and Young Lee

Young Lee, 49, who was one of the prominent founders of the Pinkberry yogurt chain and left the company in 2010 faces seven years in state prison after a Los Angeles jury found him culpable of the attack.

Lee attacked Daniel Bolding with a weary iron after the mendicant exposed a tattoo of two stick figures having sex which made him upset as his fiancé had to see Bolding’s explicit tattoo.

It happened in June 2011, when Lee was passing through an off ramp of Los Angeles Hollywood Freeway and the homeless men walked towards Lee begging him for money.

Though Lee’s lawyer argued and tried to give the whole incident a completely different turn by saying that it was Bolding, who approached Lee with threats of possessing a weapon.

He even put the whole blame of attack on the other man who got out of car with Lee. While court documents said, Lee parked his car on Vermont Avenue grabbed a weary iron and continued the argument with Bolding.

Bolding’s lawyer also told the court that beating broke his arm and gave him a minor brain injury. To avoid being attacked further, he ran into oncoming traffic as he was already bleeding.

The fleeting confirmed that he was ordered to get on his hands and knees and apologize. Drivers passing by the incident spot called 911 and gave authorities the license plate number of Lee’s vehicle.

Lee was arrested by a renegade task force at Los Angeles International Airport in January, 2012 and was ordered to stand a trial on a lawbreaking charge of assault with a deadly weapon in July 2012.

He was released on bail but was taken into custody after the verdict was read. On January 14, 2014, Lee is expected to appear in court for sentencing.