Yahoo Mail down affecting many users, Marissa Mayer apologizes


Due to an extended outage that had affected many Yahoo Mail users this week, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has apologized to everyone that was affected.

The problem was more severe and complex than it had first appeared and Marissa has said that she is ‘very sorry’. However, the inboxes of almost all the affected users has been restored.

It was mentioned by Marissa on Yahoo’s Tumblr page that is was on December 9th, Monday 10:27 pm, when the problem was noticed for the first time.

A hardware outage affected Yahoo Mail and almost 1%, which is a big number, of Yahoo Mail users were affected. Marissa avoided going into the technical details of the problem and just said that the problem was so complex that it affected different users in different way and hence, it was not an easy fix.

Moreover, when the users were unable to access then mail boxes, a fake alert message stating that the service was down for scheduled maintenance was displayed to them. Mayer also apologized for this message and said that Yahoo had corrected this erroneous message.

The remainder of the week was utilized by Yahoo to fix this outage, restoring IMAP access to all accounts so that users who using third party clients to access Yahoo Mail, could access their inboxes again.

It was a really contrite apology by Mayer, and she acknowledged the fact that Yahoo had let its users down this week and that it was frustrating for Yahoo too. She said that the company will make sure that no further outages affect users in the future.

In addition to this outage at Yahoo Mail, Flickr also went down on Thursday. Surely it is not a good time for Yahoo.