XBox One vs PS4: Specs, price, and release date – Rumors and News

The console news is reaching a fever pitch, as Sony’s PlayStation 4 launch is just a week away on Nov. 15 and Microsoft’s Xbox One will be launched a week after i.e. on Nov. 22.

PlayStation, which was announced weeks earlier than Xbox has already got the majority of attention on social media. According to reports, 1.7 million people tweeted about PlayStation 4, whereas only 1.1 million people tweeted for Xbox One.

The Xbox One and PS4 are completely different prospects if compared to each other bodywork-wise. Microsoft’s Xbox One is far larger with an imposing black monolith of the living room. Whereas, the PS4 is sleeker, slimmer and less likely to dominate your under-TV space.

Both of the consoles keep the severe, black and masculine style which is common to games consoles.

The Xbox One is 10 per cent larger than its predecessor, the current Xbox 360. The weight of the console is same as the current console, which is around 3kg.

The PS4 is only marginally lighter, at 2.8kg. The PS4 and Xbox One both use an AMD GPU. But, with a more powerful GPU and, seemingly, faster memory, the PS4 is clearly out in front on graphical specs. The PS4 uses GDDR5 RAM, whereas the Xbox One has more conventional DDR3 memory in it.

Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus are the paid-for premium parts of the Xbox Live and PSN online services. Subscription to each costs you £39.99 per year, whereas if you can Shop around, it’s easy enough to find a deal for £29.99 a year.