Xbox One vs PS4: Sony could reverse its decision of not supporting DLNA

Sony recently announced that the upcoming PlayStation 4 wouldn’t allow you to either stream media from your computer to your console, which is a process known as DLNA, and neither will it have support for external hard drives.

However, if we are lucky enough, Sony could reverse its decision of not supporting DLNA. Less than 24 hours later, Shuehi Yoshida, Sony’s worldwide studios president, tweeted a message that indicates that the Sony Dev team might enable the DLNA support through an update at some point in the future.

The tweet read, “Had a very good discussion with the PS4 Dev team today. We’re happy & appreciate to learn that so many people use and like PS3?s media features.”

Yoshida also had a long discussion with the PS4 Dev team and he was happy to learn that so many of its users like the PS3’s media features. Yoshida denied the allegations that removing these features was some sort of a business scheme to encourage consumers to use Sony’s own streaming services.

Users have been using DLNA though software like TVersity, Windows Media Centre and even Plex, and from a very long time now, and for some this is the primary way to stream downloaded content onto their television. This is the major reason for so many protests again the decision to remove DLNA support.

Even Microsoft has officially announced that the Xbox One will not work as a Windows Media Extender. However, a user will be able to stream MP3 and video files from PC to Xbox One.

From a business perspective, this decision seems wise, as without such a decision no one uses Microsoft or Sony’s movie buying or rental services but from a user’s point of view, this could lead to drop in sales of the consoles.