Xbox One vs PS4 price, titles launch, specs review


The launch of the PS4 finally kicks off the eighth generation of video game consoles. But its competitor Xbox One is fast forthcoming its awaited reveal to the public, but the actual key participant in the upfront of this battle may be the gaming titles offered for each console. And Sony has remotely succeeded in impressing the PS4 gamers.

With now approximately a week until the launch of the Xbox One, it is acquiring plenty of heat among players around the world. The new machine is embedded by a graphics engine, a strong processor and an improved Kinect accessory to put the player in real action. Xbox One possesses a number of elite games, such as Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Titanfall and Ryse and early next year. The Xbox controller will feature more than 40 improvements.

While Microsoft undoubtedly has more to show, Sony is looking really strong here. Just 24 hours after the device was launched in the U.S. and Canada, sales of Sony’s PlayStation 4 game consoles crossed 1 million units.

The company has already revealed a host of strong new series including Driveclub, Knack and Deep Down, while next-gen installments in familiar franchises like Killzone and Infamous have also been announced. However, some users have reported some issues with the device.

Sony is hoping for strong sales since competition is coming from Microsoft’s launch of the Xbox One. Sony has stated a final launch date as Nov. 22.

Sony has a slight advantage over the Xbox due to its pricing range. Sony’s gaming console is available at $399.99, priced $100 less that the Xbox ($499). And the debate over which platform is better will continue, long after the new consoles start landing in homes.