Xbox One update: Microsoft unveiled its indie game development program

It was first time in August that Microsoft had unveiled its indie game development program for its Xbox One, and finally the company has announced that the first games resulting from the program will be launched in the next few months.

ID@Xbox director Chris Carla told ‘Edge’ that over 32 Microsoft studios were working on titles for the company’s new console and the games are predicted to be ready for launch early next year. Charla said that most likely it would be in the first three months of the next year, preferably closer to the third month.

Many games have been under development since months, and are in the testing phase. However, many games are still being worked upon.

After the program was introduced, many developers started developing for the Xbox One. Many developers were already developing games for other programs and started developing for the Xbox One.

Some ID@Xbox developers still do not have access to the development tools and for these developers Microsoft plans to expand the program up the platform and attract gamers who have the enthusiasm and skills to create their own games using Project Spark.

Apparently, Sony’s new console PlayStation 4, has had a great start with indie game developers, but even Microsoft’s plans and schemes have been gaining attention lately.

Several developers have recently found enthusiasm to develop for the Xbox One even though Microsoft had initially provided very less details about their program to support indie game developers.

Microsoft is still waiting to see the exact results of the ID@Xbox program before trying to do anything similar to attract app developers.