Xbox One sales and Xbox One Controller review

Microsoft latest game console, Xbox One arrived recently in North America and Europe. According to Microsoft, the Xbox One was sold out at most retailers and they are working hard to replenish the stock to meet the demands of its customers.

The Xbox One sold more than million consoles in 24 hours beating the launch day total set by Xbox 360. Xbox One is estimated to be 10 times more powerful than its predecessor which is Xbox 360.

Microsoft has improved on the already excellent Xbox 360 controller, with great results. The controller is a sleeker version of the Xbox 360 controller with some changes made to buttons.

The Controller is excellent, but it will take some time to get used to. The biggest change in the controller is the bulky battery pack and this time two AA batteries are comfortably placed within the body of the pad which gives the controller a single, smooth curve.

Also the Xbox Guide Button has been replaced by the Xbox button which glows white when the controller is connected to the console.

Now the Xbox button navigates directly to the Dashboard when pressed. The Menu button has replaced the old Start button and works like a right click or a long tap on a PC.

The View button has replaced the Back button and is designed to be customized by developers. With a price tag of $499, Xbox One offers improved graphics, processor that allows faster game play and exclusive video games.