Xbox One rumors, release date, news, and price – Microsoft committed to support indie developers

It has been made clear by Microsoft at Gamescom in German that it is fully committed to indie games on their new console, Xbox One, as they launched a new program which is solely designed to support and encourage indie game developers to develop games for this console.

Microsoft would be handing out development kits, starting this fall. There would be a limited number of kits so developers can apply at Preference would be given to developers who have a proven track record of developing and shipping games.

The earlier rumors which indicated that Microsoft would not allow self-publishing on the Xbox One had left fans worrying that indie game developers would be crippled on the new console.

Indie games do not sell in large numbers like the major blockbusters but they manage to create a great community and foster a sense of creativity among other developers and gamers.

Minecraft is one such game which was a big success. It is yet to be seen that will Microsoft be able to match the outreach practiced by Sony for a while now but it is definitely a step in the right direction. We can definitely expect some interesting games by the next holiday season.

This is just the first stage of the idea and it is expected to turn into a broader program in the coming months. The motive here is to make every Xbox One function as a development kit, though there is still not a date on that one.

Still there has been no revelations about the release date and the price of the Xbox One.