Xbox One console and controller – Rumors, news, and features


With the Xbox One pad, Microsoft has taken a more evolutionary route. There has been a marked improvement for the new version of the Microsoft console, with added definition and comfort as compared to its predecessor.

The shape, weight and textures are largely as before and it’s instantly familiar, as thumbs and fingers rapidly settle into their accustomed places.

It is slightly heavier than the previous controller, but not noticeably so. It feels more solid than the Xbox 360 pad, and is more balanced.

The shape and taper of the triggers and bumpers has been changed slightly so that your index and middle fingers have an easier time gripping them. Perhaps most controversially, the feel of the thumbsticks is slightly lighter, that are more accurate and responsive.

The most welcome change particularly for fighting game fans will be the replacement of the old circular digital D-pad for a classic cross-shaped design.

Meanwhile, the Start and Back buttons have been replaced by two context-sensitive menu buttons. At the moment, with only limited demos to go on, it’s hard to say exactly what these do that’s any different from before, but all will presumably become clear with time.

The Xbox is due to be launched in the UK before December, setting it up for a battle with the PlayStation 4 for a slice of the Christmas market. A special day one edition of the console will be released ahead of the standard Xbox One, which comes with an inscribed pad an exclusive extra.