Xbox 360 Minecraft 1.7 update

People who love to play Minecraft, they always have had many reasons why they should be over the moon. Mojang who has always been quick, when it comes to revealing the updates, recently talked about a preview of the Minecraft 1.7 update heading their way and the Minecraft snapshot 13w43a.

Sources have said that the Minecraft snapshot which Mojang talked about offers bug fixes, whereas, the developers have also added in a new puffer fish texture, and this new texture first arrived with the snapshot 13w36a, simultaneously with the new saplings.

The issue, which the gamers had with the help command was resolved in the preview which was given earlier this week. The preview also fixed the error in which the gamers were not able to steer boats with the right and left arrow keys.

The developers have patched a bug and the MAC owners will be very happy to know this, but on the other hand some people using Windows were not able to find a solution to the mistakes.

The developers have also fixed some of the major issues in the java version, whereas the world generation systems for snapshot 13w36a have undergone a complete new makeover.

Since March, the company for the first time has given the preview of the Minecraft 1.7 update, because of which the developer’s team had to rewrite the code for crucial part of the game.

Few weeks back, the Minecraft community had also welcomed the arrival of snapshot 13w41a with stained glass.