Would You Buy a Curved Phone?

Curved PhoneThe mobile phone market may be characterized by a need to continue advancing our technologies but also a race between the major mobile phone companies. It has become important that whatever new model that is launched on the market has to be better than the last and blow competitors out of the water. The race for mobile excellence is probably owes a great deal to Apple and the way they revolutionized the smartphone.

Yes, Blackberry is the originator of the smart phone but Apple is the brand that marked the beginning of a competitive era which has seen more models released than ever before. Samsung entered the race with impressive models like the Galaxy S4 and Apple and Samsung continue to be pitted against each other with every new model launched. Other mobile brands have taken longer to join to the table but the LGs and Nokias of the world are eager to grab a chunk of the mobile phone market and run with it.

The tech and lifestyle news sections have been set ablaze with news of the LG Flex, a new smartphone with a curved design that reminds us of a bracket. Is this a gimmick or an actual step forward in the market? Is it something that the brand released to create a news buzz and get people talking or are mobile phones as we know them literally changing shape? Remember when the Blackberry Curve was just a catchy name for a phone, well now the term curve will actually apply to the shape and layout of a phone.

The question on everyone’s lips is “how will it look in my pocket?” because nobody wants to look like their growing another hip. Maybe LG will create a special pouch for the Flex to make up for this. There will definitely be some positive notes to the change in shape, perhaps better grip and ear comfort, but the jury is still out on whether these will make up for what is a departure of mobile phones as we know them.