World Cup 2010 Finals: Spain vs Netherlands

Spain vs Netherlands: Red vs Orange – These would be the color of the FIFA World Cup 2010 Finals on Sunday, July 11 at Soccer City, Johannesburg. Although Spain had not been a real “red” fanatic, it is their dominant color during their winning match against Germany.

Netherlands is a true orange country. In every Dutch game the bleachers had been flooded with orange people, not only there but also with their local fans all the way back in Holland.

During the Germany vs Spain game, Wednesday, perhaps Spain had shown to the world that it has more power than what everyone sees in them and everyone in their team can excel.

When Carlos Puyol saw Xavi Hernandez did that corner kick from the left he knew that Xavi is aiming for his advance head and he finished it with a swooping head butt. The goal is in and they score 1-0 against the Germans.

It is an interesting game that everyone really was amazed. They thought David Villa is what Spain is all about but here comes Puyol and then Hernandez who would be ” the finest soccer player on the planet right now,” says Yahoo! Sports.

Queen Sofia was contented with what she sees and she will surely be back on Sunday. Thousands of Netherlands and Dutch people are already booking flights to witness Sunday’s final which will surely be interesting.

Netherlands ousted Uruguay in a game which had also been very exciting, 3-2. They dominated the match and proved that this time they will be going to the finals and they will not suffer the same fate as before.

This would be Spain’s first World Cup finals game in its long football history and they are eager to make their mark and seal the 2010 with a championship.

Te Netherlands is equally hungry. This is their first finals game since 1978 and they will not miss this opportunity to win the championship.

So who will prevail? It is best to watch the game on Sunday, July 11.

Good luck to both teams!