Windows 8 tablet


The market today is flooded with all kinds of windows 8 tablets. The customers are overwhelmed with Microsoft’s decision of making Windows 8 for tablets.

The windows 8 tablet comes in all sizes and styles and is offering quite a competition to iPad and android tablets. With an iPad the customer has only two choices: either small size or big size.

Windows 8 tablets however are not limited by the size factor. They are available in different sizes. Since windows 8 is a full PC OS it provides various new and important capabilities to the tablet.

Manufacturers are trying to bring some of the excitement and functionality from PCs to the tablets. Lenovo Idea Tab Lynx is one such tablet. It takes low power PC internals and stuffs them into a slate and runs a full version of Windows 8.

It is also speculated that Nokia will finally launch its Windows 8 tablet next month. An anonymous tip was received by WP Central stating that Nokia is going to hold a press Conference on September 26 and 27 in New York. A report from The Verge suggests that Nokia has shifted its attention from Windows RT to fully fledged Windows 8.

Windows 8 tablets are also making their mark in space. Netherlands based Pace Blade technology is working on developing an 8-inch windows 8 tablet for F-16 pilots. The small sized tablets can easily fit inside the cramped workspace full of printed reports, flight maps, manuals and paper checklists.