Wii Mini to be launched in the US – Price, Specs, and Release Date


Finally, Nintendo has announced the shipping date of the upcoming Wii Mini for the United States. Starting later this month, the new Wii Mini which is priced at $99, will be launched in the United States market.

Just after Wii U’s official debut last fall, the Wii Mini was launched in the Canadian market. After this launch, Nintendo launched the Wii Mini in several other countries, the latest being the United Kingdom.

However, the Wii Mini is yet to be launched in the United States. The Wii U sales have been going quite slow, and it is necessary to gain advantage of the upcoming holiday season which witnesses a shopping frenzy.

The original console has already been out of production in the UK and Canada, but is still manufactures in the US. The new Wii Mini is the only option for the fans of the original model.

Unfortunately, the Wii Mini lacks the ability to connect to the internet and users are dependent only on optical discs. However, for some the optical discs make a highly cheaper gift to give at Christmas.

But even without the ability to connect to a wireless network and without GameCube support, users still have access to Wii’s library of over 1300 games.

The original Wii, which debuted in 2006, has sold over 100 million units till date. The Mario Kart Wii has been the best-selling game for the Wii and has sold over 34 million copies since its release in 2008.

The Wii Mini will be launched in the US bundled with one Wii remote, a nunchuk attachment and the game Mario Kart.