Westar Energy appeals for renewal energy proposal


Westar Energy which is Kansas’ leader in wind energy is appealing for proposals to increase its renewable energy resources by at least 80 megawatts.

The utility is looking to get into long-term contracts with one or more renewable energy project developers with the new generation coming online to serve Westar customers by 2016.

President and chief Executive officer, Mark Ruelle said that it’s time to consider adding more renewable energy as with central regulation of greenhouse gases coming, good market prices for wind energy and the next milestone for the state’s requirement on the horizon.

Proposals are due Sept. 13, 2013 and as a part of this request, Westar will offer a portion of its Ironwood development rights in Ford and Hodgeman counties. Developers are free to use their own sites as well.

The most renewable energy in Kansas has been wind, but any renewable energy project will be taken into consideration if it meets Westar’s objectives.

Westar’s ultimate decision to add more renewable resources will be centered on overall cost, reliability and adequate transmission capacity to deliver the energy to its customers.

Ruelle said “Kansas winds give projects in the state a natural edge and help support our rural economy”. So projects in Kansas will be given preference.

With almost 700 MW of renewable resources Westar Energy is the state leader in renewable energy. The renewable energy which is sought through this RFP will allow Westar to meet the 2016 requirement under the Kansas renewable energy standard.

All Westar Energy customers receive some of their electricity each month from renewable resources as a result of its efforts.

Westar’s RENEW program allows customers to choose to receive more of their electricity from renewable resources.