Wesley Warren Jr., a man with a 132 pound scrotum


Probably this is the most surprising news you will be reading today. A man lived with the weight of 132 pounds between his legs for four years in Las Vegas. Wesley Warren, a 49-yer-old resident of LA suffered a condition called scrotal lymphedema which made his scrotum weigh this much.

This rare condition is known as scrotal lymphedema in which the scrotum hat enlarges because of the thickening of the tissue and buildup of fluid.

This condition may be caused by parasitic infection caused by mosquitoes but that is very rare in the United States. Such cases are usually caused by a blockage in vessels which prevent fluid from being drained. But in Warren’s case, this condition was caused by injury or trauma to his scrotum. 
Warren has now become the subject of a TLC show with the title ‘The Man with the 132 pound scrotum’.

This started in 2008 when suddenly Warren woke up with intense pain in his testicles. The tissue surrounding his penis began to swell and it grew at a rate as high as 3 pounds per month. Warren said on the show that it was difficult to deal with as he had become a living and breathing freak show.

A doctor suggested him that to fix the problem he would have to undergo castration. However, another doctor had a better solution. After Warren appeared on the Howard Stern show, a person who had suffered from the same condition directed him to a surgeon who did the surgical procedure free of charge. He met with the surgeon and the surgery fixed his condition.

Warren would require another surgery to remove the skin that had been damaged by his condition but currently he is walking around and enjoying his life.