Water dancing speakers – Review, specs, features, and price


A speaker with dancing water turns your music beats into a spellbound water show. These are the most unique and coolest speakers available in the market.

It has four LEDS viz. red, blue, green and yellow, enclosed inside the clear tops of the speaker and is covered by a thin film of water.

The multi- colored fountain of light shoots up inside the speaker as the music starts to play. This colored stream of water rises to different heights depending upon the volume and pitch of the sound. The sound quality of the speakers is also pretty good.

The speakers are lightweight, portable, compact and have a height of 22cms. The speakers are perfect for desk with limited space. They are pre-filled with water and are sealed so as to protect the laptop form water spillage.

Also, there is no need to add water manually. They are USB powered and hence no batteries are required. It can be connected to any music source like IPOD, MP3 player, game player or computer with standard 3.5mm jack.

Though the water dance is visible in the daylight but a nice show can be experienced in the dark. The speakers are available at different prices on different websites. Sky mall sells them at $49.95 while Amazon sells them for $39.99.

The speakers are now coming with some improved versions. The latest version is TX1336. In addition to the basic functionality the new speaker also has a Bluetooth and a FM radio version of it is also available.