Walmart offering iPhone 5C and 5S without contract

For the customers who just won’t buy phones on contract, Walmart is coming up with an offer. It was announced by the retailer on Monday that it will be offering the Apple iPhone 5s and 5c contract-free on its Straight Talk Wireless and Net10 Wireless networks.

The plans will start from $45 per month for Straight Talk and from $50 a month for Net 10. The offer is expected to begin on December 13th, Friday.

Walmart is dedicated to provide its customers with affordable plans on the top end phones and that too on the nation’s fastest and most reliable 4G networks.

Since the launch of both the iPhones back in September, Walmart has been selling both of them but only with a 2 year contract. The iPhone 5s is Apple’s new high end smartphone and the iPhone 5c is a little lower-cost version with a plastic body and several color variants.

The iPhone 5S 16GB would be offered in space gray, silver and gold color variants and will be offered for $649. The iPhone 5c 16GB will be available in white, blue, green, pink and yellow color variants and will be priced at $549.

Straight Talk is offering a $45 per-month 30 day plan and that too without any contract. It will also provide unlimited nationwide talk, text and data.

Net10 is charging $50 per month for a friends and family line and $40 more for each additional line. By paying $60 per month on Straight Talk or $65 per month on Net10, users will be able to make call to several countries, including Mexico, Canada and India.