Verizon Edge available with iPhone and HTC One – Contract Price

Technology changes fast. You purchase a phone and within a few short months, something new hits the shelves. The new Verizon Edge plan is now live, offering Verizon customers a new option to stay up to date with the latest smartphones.

The new Verizon Edge device payment plan offers an affordable way to upgrade to the newest device and satisfy your love of technology. With a Verizon Edge plan, instead of paying for a new smartphone up front, the cost of a phone is split up between 24 months.

After six months a user can trade up the latest smartphone, as long as the current phone is at least 50% paid for. Users need to trade in the old phone when they buy a new one for this plan to work.

The Verizon Max plan is a special Verizon Edge deal for unlimited data customers who want the upgrade options without jumping to a full shared data plan, but it will still mean giving up unlimited data which is something many Verizon customers may be wary of doing.

There are no long-term service contracts, finance charges or upgrade fees with Verizon Edge. Every six months, as long as 50 percent of the cost of the phone has been paid, you can upgrade to the newest basic or smartphone available.

With the Verizon Edge plan a user could switch to Verizon Max and buy the upcoming iPhone 5S for no upfront cost.

The estimated $649 off contract price would be split into 24 payments with no financing charges. Verizon Edge is available for any smartphone Verizon sells, including the iPhone, Verizon HTC One and many others. AT&T and T-Mobile offer similar plans to upgrade to new phones faster.