Valve joins Linux Foundations as the release date of Steam OS and Steam Machine nearing


According to latest reports, Valve has officially become a member of the Linux Foundation. Based on a report by one of the leading newspaper, Valve is now a part of the non-profit consortium of companies and individuals who hope to grow the reach of Linux and improve the platform.

Valve, which is an American video game development and digital distribution company, is loyal in pushing the Linux as a viable alternative to Windows for PC gaming, and according to reports Valve becoming an official member of the Linux foundation will likely help the company to pursue that goal.

Though Valve has not officially announced the hardware partners yet, but according to reports the company is confirmed to unveil its Steam Machine partners at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, commonly known as CES, in January next year.

The latest decision that is taken by the company, seems to be an indication to the developers and its software partners that the company is serious and dedicated in bringing the Linux open-source environment to the forefront of video game development through its Steam Machine platform and the SteamOS.

In an announcement made by the Linux Foundation, the non-profit technology consortium was not at all hesitant to name SteamOS, Valve’s Linux distribution that will be used as the operating system for their upcoming Steam Machines.

Linux is now self-confident to become a serious contender in PC gaming, whereas some other companies such as Intel, nVidia, and Dell are also paying attention, if not already directly involved in the competition.