UTA Flight 772 Memorial


A remote memorial is built in the African dessert to remember the 170 people who died when a plane blew up on September 1989 and can be seen on Google Earth and Google Maps. Google Maps now allows people to view the memorial by typing coordinates 16°51’53″N, 11°57’13″E into Google Maps.

On Tuesday, September 19th, 1989, six Libyans whose main motive was said to be revenge on the French government for supporting Chad in a border dispute with Libya ignited a suitcase bomb on a DC-10 on its way to Paris from Brazzaville.

It crashed in the middle of the Sahara desert. The members of the family were shocked to see the site littered with remain of the crash due to the highly remote area.

18 years after the crash, family members gathered at the site and built a memorial to remember their loved ones. Despite being one of the most inaccessible places on planet, the 200 feet in diameter memorial was built with dark stone which had to be transported more than 70 miles across the desert for the memorial which took two months to build in May and June 2007.

To represent each of the crash victims, 170 broken mirrors were laid along the circumference of the memorial. It is shaped liked an airplane but the full shape could not be seen at ground level.

Now through the website the mosaic style memorial can be seen entirely without having to travel for days through the desert.