Ukrainian Troops Leaving Crimea

Ukrainian Troops Leaving CrimeaUkrainian forces are withdrawing from Crimea. This is some of the last military assets that the Ukrainian government has in the region.

Russian troops allegedly attacked a Ukrainian ship in Lake Donuzlav, in Crimea. The Russian government decided to annex Crimea earlier this month. This action is considered to be illegal by the western countries and by Kiev.

Russia’s flag is being hoisted, at least, at 189 military facilities in Crimea that used to hoist the Ukrainian flag. A lot of members of the Ukrainian forces have been defecting since the annexation took place. The chief of the Ukrainian military, Oleksandr Rozmaznin, says that about half of all the Ukrainian commanders have defected by now. The members of the G7 met in The Netherlands to consider a response to this situation.

Barack Obama, US President, said that America and Europe support the Ukrainian government and condemn the actions of the Russian government. He said that they are working together to impose a cost on Russia for the actions of its government in Ukraine. Thus far, the response from Europe and America has been to put in place sanctions on the individuals that are accused of having helped the Russian government to annex Crimea.

Meanwhile, there were several power cuts in certain parts of Crimea last Sunday, and it is not known what happened to Col Yuli Mamchur, Belbek base commander, fallen last Saturday. He was imprisoned in a military prison by Russian troops. The Ukrainian government demanded his release.

Russia annexed Crimea on March 16, after Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukrainian president and pro-Russia, was overthrown by Ukrainian protesters. Putin’s government said that the reason for doing this is that Ukrainians need help from Russia to protect them from the influence of the fascists that, according to them, are coming to Crimea from the center of Ukraine.