Uganda Blast Killed 64 People Watching FIFA

Everyone at that moment were enjoying the final game of FIFA. No knows that it would also be the time that their lives would end in a tragic way. It’s just so sad that everything ended that way. The blast happened in Kampala, Uganda’s capital. It hit a rugby club and a restaurant wherein people were watching the FIFA game.

64 people has been confirmed dead and 70 more were injured. Authorities were still investigating if the blast came from a suicide bomber and they are blaming Somalia’s al-Shabab militants. These militants has a link to al-Qaeda – and has threatened to hit Kampala in the past.

“These bombs were definitely targeting World Cup crowds,” Insp Gen Kale Kayihura said, warning people to stay away from large crowds in the coming days. BBC

The victims were a mix of foreigners and Ugandans . A severed head was found at one of the scenes, leading investigators to suggest that the attacks could have been the work of suicide bombers.