Ubuntu Edge: Smartphone, PC, Penguin

Canonical, the maker of the Linux distribution Ubuntu, had announced a mobile variant of the Ubuntu operating system back in January. Canonical had said the phone would also function as an Ubuntu desktop PC when docked. Now the company has launched the most ambitious crowd-funding campaign yet.

The campaign is aimed at raising $32 million before 21st August for the mass production of the high edge ‘Ubuntu Edge’ smartphone.

Apart from this mind boggling target amount, the crowd funding campaign is also unique in respect that Canonical has said that the Ubuntu Edge would be given only to the backers. There won’t be any commercial launch and neither will it be sold to anyone else.


The Ubuntu is meant to be the test-bed for cutting edge technology and also aimed at proving and convincing other smartphone makers that there is significant demand for Ubuntu phones.

Canonical also aims to pack the best hardware under the hood. A multi-core CPU would power the edge. 4 GB RAM would be provided and 128 GB of internal storage. Two LTE antennas would be provided. (One for US and one for Europe)

Another prominent feature of the Ubuntu Edge is that it will also have the ability to run Android. Now this is very tempting for Android smartphone owners to try this new OS without losing access to your apps and media and at the same time have a look into the future. And that future is the Ubuntu phone which can be docked to be a PC.

On Indiegogo the Ubuntu Edge would be given to those who contribute at least $775 and they will also have an opportunity to see how far the penguin has come.