TuneCore partners with Slacker Radio and JB Hi-Fi NOW


It was announced today by premier digital music distributor TuneCore that it had partnered with two new music streaming services – JB Hi-Fi NOW and Slacker Radio.

The primary objective behind this partnership is definitely to meet the growing consumer demand for streaming music by increasing store partnerships and having a worldwide reach for their artists.

Both Slacker Radio and JB Hi-Fi NOW will aim at providing better music discovery to TuneCore Artists among the several millions of subscribers who daily use their service.

It is reported that Slacker Radio has mover 30 million registered users in US and Canada and with more than 300 radio stations that deliver handcrafted radio programs, and also a massive music library of over 13 million songs, Slacker Radio is really popular in the US.

Senior Vice President of Strategic Development and Content Programming at Slacker said that the company is excited about this new partnership with TuneCore and it will be exciting to add TuneCore’s massive library to their own. The human experts at Slacker aim at providing a much deeper music discovery experience.

JB Hi-Fi NOW is the Australian-owned music streaming service with a reasonable and growing subscriber base. Australia is ranked 6th in music sales with an average of $22 spend per person on music, which is a better figure than US. Australia provides an excellent source for artists of TuneCore and is a rapidly growing music market.

TuneCore has one of the highest revenue generating catalog in the world and this partnership can prove to be fruitful for all three companies.