Toyota recalling 2013-2014 Toyota Tacoma for engine failures


Based on the reports by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Toyota is recalling a small number of vehicles for engine failures.

For around 3,795 4-cylinder Toyota Tacoma pickups models starting from 2013 and 2014, the valve springs in the engine can corrode and crack, which can lead to rough engine performance, noise or a complete failure. According to the company, the problem was first discovered in June from an owner in Japan.

As per the reports passed by the company, the springs in the engine of the affected vehicles may have been contaminated with chloride during production, which as result can lead to small corrosive pits on the surface, and eventually, a crack in the spring itself, which further could lead to a complete failure.

Though no other reports of failed springs have been received by the company, and the problem is restricted only to the Tacoma’s 4-cylinder engine, according to the Japanese automaker. Dealers will replace the valve springs with new ones and customers have already been notified about the same.

Looking up at the company’s history of recalling the vehicles, Toyota had recalled around 342,000 Tacoma pickups for seatbelt pre-tensioners that could come loose, in August.

The company had to recall around 150,000 Tacoma pickups from 2001-2004 for rusting frames. In 2008, the automaker was forced to extend corrosion warranties and even repurchase Tacoma pickups from the 1995-2000 and 2001-2004 model years, which was a span covering around 800,000 vehicles, only because entire frames were rotting out.