The Subaru BRZ price and review


The Subaru BRZ is fun, affordable and communicative but, Subaru is not a premium car. Even though the Subaru BRZ is a successful car, however, despite being light-weight, rear-wheel, small coupe appeal, still people have been left wanting more.

However, the BRZ Premium Sports Edition, being exclusive to the Japanese Market only, sports unique 17-inch alloys which is an upgrade from the standard model. The interior has also been upgraded by the use of two-tone black and tan leather, door panels and even a center console. It will also come with a set of aluminum pedals, black mirror housings, metal and carbon trim and many more things.

As per the reports given by the experts, on long trips, the BRZ is noisy, its sixth gear is too short, and its suspension never seems to settle down. The electrically assisted steering is though pin-sharp, but on the freeway, a driver has to spend a lot of time chasing the dirty nose.

On the other hand, it has just enough grip and power to be entertaining, and it feels more at home there than on the street. The chassis is so balanced and focused, you could steer it with your right foot while blindfolded.
A multi-adjustable coil over kit especially designed for the Subaru BRZ has just been launched by Raceland, which is a company that comes up with affordable suspension parts.

The new suspension kit allows a change of 1.3 inches, which works perfectly for the daily driver who is looking for improved performance and a lower profile. Adjustable spindle mounts are also featured in the kit, and it also includes independent sprint pre-load settings, upper mount bearings and front camber adjustment.

This new BRZ Premium Sports Edition is priced at 3,034,500 yen which is about $31,000 which is almost $6,000 more expensive that the base model of the BRZ in US.