The Story of Kerligirl13 aka Jessi Slaughter

Jessi Slaughter Given PCP by Her Father over YouTube Channel – An 11-year old young girl was given a Personal Computer Protection or PCP by her own father after her own cyberbullying resulted in she being cyberbullied.

The issue of “Jessi Slaughter Given PCP by Her Father” started over the controversy and increase of hate comments over a YouTube channel maintained by a user named kerligirl13.

The YouTube Channel of Kerligirl13 post videos from random rants, hate messages, foul language, Kerligirl13 circling around or eating a donut, and then there’s the occasional posts of the girl wearing sexy outfits.

Some of those who posted comments in her channel before it was taken down by YouTube says that Jessi Slaughter is indeed a troubled kid with a possible ADHD or Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The last video uploaded which eventually triggered the Jessi Slaughter Given PCP by Her Father and its successive video comments and repost all over the internet and YouTube was about Jessi’s father ranting live and lambasting those who made bad comments about her daughter.

If you would hear how the father of Jessi Slaughter made the comments, you might even conclude that the genes that caused her behavior came from him.

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