The old start menu in Windows 8


Since the day Microsoft, the American multinational corporation launched the Windows 8, one of the biggest change that became known to all the users was the elimination of the start button, which was the only iconic feature in older versions of the Windows.

The minds of every user have been monopolized by the wrong feature, people find the Windows 8 very dis-oriented, which is just because the company has dumped the Start menu in order to follow a different Metro-style Windows start screen.

Though the company claims that the start screen can do anything the Start menu could do and a whole lot more, but the users are not comfortable using it and most of them are at odds over basic functionality.

According to one of the renowned tech pundit, Microsoft is planning to bring back the iconic start button in the upcoming version of the windows, possibly the big-deal one code-named “Threshold”, and at least hints that the start button will be available as an option.

If the news is really true, then Microsoft has wasted a lot of time in surrendering the new Metro-style Windows start screen.

This will obviously be a good news for the users, who find the Windows 8.x daunting as it has very little in common when compared to any older version of the Windows.

It will be good for company’s own bottom line as by making a good-faith effort to ease the transition, Microsoft would significantly reduce the spur to stubbornly stick to Windows 7 or, the Windows XP.