The Nvidia Shield is finally here


Finally the wait for the geek gamer’s dream device is over. The NVIDIA Shield which is an Android powered game controller with a screen and fully wireless connectivity has shipped.

The only downside is that there isn’t any truly epic title for Android for the time being, but that could also come to an end as Project Snowstorm, the first true epic game for Android has started their Kickstarter campaign.

The launch of the Shield had been delayed due to a defect being discovered in the initial run causing one of the controllers to fail. It has a solid body which is well protected to stand the tests of time.

The Nvidia Shield has a very intuitive and amazing gameplay, better than most controller based hand held devices. It takes away the annoying part of playing the games on a touchscreen and provides a better and more reliable control.

Another important feature of the Nvidia Shield is its compatibility with the AR Drone. The control is far more precise providing you with amazing end results when you control it with a joy stick. The screen gives you an experience like you are actually in the Drone and flying an actual helicopter.

You can also enjoy watching movies on the Shield and is much better than your normal smartphone as you can plug it with your TV and enjoy HD output on the larger screen with a ton of battery life.

Everything would be perfect if a Halo like epic game soon comes for the device and the funding would not be difficult as in my opinion the makers of the device would fund the game because it would be worth an investment which would definitely payback.