The Elder Scrolls Online beta invites sent – Game Reviews and Gaming News

For fantasy gaming fanatics who are eagerly waiting for the release of another edition under the Elder Scrolls franchise might want to check their inboxes.

The developers of the ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’, the next MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game), have released a new round of beta invites to bring the players back to the land of Tamriel.

ZeniMax Online Studios, the developers of the game posted on their official website, “It’s that time again! Get ready to check your email and see if you made it into The Elder Scrolls Online beta.”

This announcement is to remind the awaiting players to be alert and regularly check their inboxes as well their spam folders, else they will miss out this great opportunity to try out the beta version of the upcoming game.

For people who have registered with their Gmail Ids are also reminded to check their Promotion Tab as the invite could end up there as well. Once the invite is received, they can create an account and download the client.

The official game “The Elder Scrolls Online’ is dated to be launched on April 4th 2014 for Windows PC and MAC users.

For the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers, they will have their chance to pursue the thrown sometime in June.

The exact date is not yet specified. ZeniMax has also promised that those eager gamers who are left out of these invites will have many more opportunities to try the most awaited game of 2014.

It was posted on the company’s website, “If you don’t receive your invite today, don’t worry — you’ll have more chances to explore Tamriel before launch.” According to bloggers, the last edition of the Elder Scrolls series, ‘Skyrim’, which was launched in 2011, sold an approximated seven million units in the first week itself.

The Elder Scroll’s Online will retail at a price of $59.99 on all platforms, and the monthly subscription will cost $14.99.