The Delta Aquariid Meteor Shower 2013

It’s good news for meteor shower enthusiasts. You have another chance to witness a celestial show, though minor, this week. This is the Delta Aquariid meteor shower which began on Saturday night and would persist for another week and half.

This is not a very famous or spectacular shower and this is the view of the shower is a little spoiled by the light from the waning gibbous moon. However, still there is a good window for some good viewing. The shower appear to radiate from the constellation Aquarius and it rises above the horizon at around 2100 hours California time. But it would be best if you could get away from the city lights and out in the open between 2230 hours to 23:30 hours, this will be the best time to see the shower as it gets completely dark when the moon rises.


The meteor shower was at its peak on July just before the first light from the sun and in most ideal conditions there are around 15-20 meteors per hour. A couple of unusual things set the Delta Aquariids apart from other meteor showers.

Firstly, in actual there are two Delta Aquariid meteor showers. The first one is the Southern Delta Aquariids which is going on now and was at its peak on July 29th and will continue till August 6th. Second shower is the Northern Delta Aquariids which would peak in mid-August. Two different comets are behind these showers which flew along roughly the same path.

Secondly, the comet which causes the Southern Delta Aquariids has a very strange composition. This could be because possibly it is from the Oort cloud which is an isolated part of the solar system or it could be an alien visitor to our solar system.