“The Butler” box office report

“The Butler” has emerged as the winner of the box office this week taking in an estimated $25 million as it bowed in 2,933 theaters.

The movie is directed by Lee Daniel and stars Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. The Butler tells the story of racially charged older women.

According to Weinstein, 60 percent of the crowd was female and more than 76 percent of the crowd was above the age of 35 years. Oprah has done a wonderful job and her role is already sparking Oscar talks.

The movie was originally set to release on October 18, but seeing the positive test results for the film in May, Harvey Weinstein decided to move up its opening to August.

The movie is inspired by the true story of The White House butler Eugene Allen who had served eight Presidents.


According to Erik Lomis, the President of TWC theatrical distribution, the movie played well in all the big cities and suburbs but was particularly strong in the Northeast especially Washington DC.

The movie was also a hit in the international market. It picked up another $6.3 million from 1,500 screens in 17 territories. It will open in another 17 territories this weekend.

The Butler had a total budget of $30 million. The movie had a highly publicized title fight between the Weinstein Company and the Warner Brothers which ultimately led to The Butler being renamed to Lee Daniel’s The Butler.

The Butler had audiences lining up for tickets; however, the same cannot be said about the other major releases this weekend.