The best smartphones and androids: LG G2, Xony Xperia Z1, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC 1, and iPhone 5S

As we’re getting close to the start of the holiday shopping season, many shoppers are going to be in the hunt for a new Smartphone. But to find the best Smartphone out in market with hardware refreshes and software updates, who pays value for money is quite an ambiguous task.

The carrier will play an important role in the decision making and the user will want to pay more attention to the operating system, the design, its features and performance since it defines the user experience.

According to the reports, Apple continues to provide the best interface and always gets the applications first. As far as the Android smartphones are concerned, they provide big screens, offer more options for customization. Windows phones on the other hand are best in providing good cameras.

LG has trumped the competition with the G2. The phone offers a combination of value for money, great specification combined with impressive design with high-end features which leave no room for disliking it.

Again LG and the Google have done a fantastic job with the Nexus 5, producing a very desirable phone at an outrageously low price.

The iPhone 5s is ingenious, forward-thinking and powerful – but it’s hard to justify upgrading to the 5S from 5. However the robust performance and apps makes it still stand in the category of best Smartphone to go for.

If you are after a slim device with water resistance, top performance and a great cam, Sony Xperia Z1 is the one. It’s a powerhouse with an all-round impressive specification. However the high price tag taints it slightly.

HTC 1 and Samsung Galaxy S4 are also in much of the spotlight. S4 is one of the HTC One’s great rivals. Both are powerful and capable Android device available today that money can buy.

Galaxy S4 with hardware and software that will last delivers incredible multitasking and the design, while plastic, is durable. But HTC One is by no means any less remarkable. Those who are willing to invest in Android and the device’s Sense 5 software, HTC one will suit them better.

Nokia has also made a well-balanced Smartphone which could be exactly what Windows Phone 8 needs. Nokia Lumia 1020 is so far the best camera phone ever. Avid mobile photographers will love the Lumia 1020. Above all it is just about figuring out which features really matter to the end user.