The Best Man Holiday performed well at the box office chart


Smashing the industry expectations, ‘The Best Man Holiday’ was the only new worldwide release brave enough to go up against ‘Thor 2’ over the weekend.

Malcolm D. Lee’s African-American comedy The Best Man Holiday came much closer than anyone expected to the hammer-wielding ‘Thor 2’ superhero in grossing $30.6 million to place No. 2.

The Best Man Holiday, a sequel to 1999’s ensemble romantic comedy “The Best Man”, that arrived 14 years after the original sported a budget of just $17 million and was marketed specifically to African-American women.

Holiday collected $30.6 million, more than twice what many analysts projected. Starring Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan and Terrence Howard, Holiday has surpassed the entire theatrical run of its prequel.

Holiday marks the highest opening for director Malcolm D. Lee and, given this opening success, may mark a franchise opportunity.

The original movie, modest hit that it was, had only seen its fan base grow over the years, thanks to endless replays on cable and home video. Thanks to studio marketers to recognize the existence of an African-American audience, largely older and female, that “The Best Man Holiday” managed to outperform expectations.

According to Universal’s exit poll, eighty-seven percent of the audience for “The Best Man Holiday” was African American, 75 percent female, 63 percent over 35.

The performance of Malcolm D. Lee’s “The Best Man Holiday” continued an ongoing trend. The Best Man Holiday got a glowing A+ CinemaScore grade- and that’s from men and women, both over and under 25 years old- which suggest it will have good score in the coming weeks too.