The BatKid and his wish – Miles Scott story


The streets of San Francisco transformed into Gotham City for five-year-old Miles Scott, a cancer victim who could live his dream of becoming a superhero.

The young patient from Sikiyou County, near Oregon donned the persona of ‘Batkid’, wearing a mini cape in his crusade to rid the city of its fiercest foes, the Penguin and the Riddler.

The Non-Profit Make a Wish Foundation materialized Mike’s wish, who went into remission in June after a four-year battle with leukemia.

When the charity, which grants wishes for ill children, asked Miles to name his dream, his answer was simply: ‘I want to be Batkid!’ And that’s when the Organization coupled with San Francisco.

Thousands of volunteers lined the streets and cheered as he emerged from the Batmobile – driven by an adult Batman – before freeing a damsel who had been tied to cable car tracks.

As she embraced him in thanks, he got a call that the Riddler was trying to rob a vault downtown, so headed to the Financial District and promptly stopped the thief in his tracks.

News cameras captured the moment the Riddler was hauled from the bank and taken away by police officers.  After the living his dream, Miles received a key to the city from Mayor Ed Lee outside the city hall. “Bat Kid, you won our hearts with your courage and your story,” Mr Lee told a bashful Miles, who remained quiet, but smiled and wore a mask and cape during the ceremony.

President Barack Obama joined in the crusade, releasing a short video on the website Vine to say “Way to go Miles, way to save Gotham.”