Teen Who Cries Tears of Blood

A fifteen year old boy named Calvino Inman from Rockwood, Tennesee has this rare medical condition which doctors can’t explain.  The teen who cries tears of blood stepped out of the shower last May when he saw his himself on the mirror with blood coming out from his eyes that led him to panic.  He thought he was going to die

Tammy Mynatt, the boy’s mother says she rushed him to the hospital and by the time they got there, the bleeding had suddenly stopped.   Medical providers could not understand what the family was trying to point out.  This occured again after a few days while Calvino was on a campaign trip.

The rarity of the condition requires several tests from specialists including hematlogiosts (blood), otolaryngologists (EENT) and Opthalmologists (Eye).

Medical providers are in awe and ordered several tests like the Computed Tomography (CAT) scans, Magnetic REsonance Imaging (MRI) and other Ultrasound tests.  Despite these tests, doctors can’t tell as of the moment what’s causing the bleeding.  Other analysis would also include psychological evaluation and observation to rule out that the boy’s bloody tears are fabricated.

There is a possibility that after these various tests, the etiology of this condition may never be found.

photocredit: CBS