Sweeter Than Fiction: Taylor Swift new song from One Chance soundtrack – Video Lyrics


This isn’t the first time Taylor Swift has made a success out of a single release, “Sweeter Than Fiction,” is Taylor Swift’s umpteenth Top 40 hit, the song made its entry just at the right time as this was one of the worst week in the history of the Billboard charts.

Swift’s “Sweeter Than Fiction,” is a rapturous ’80s-inspired prom theme song that has a little resemblance to her early country recordings, but isn’t exactly one of them: The singer, who never gave the impression to have experienced writer’s block in her life, this times has contributed the song to the soundtrack of an upcoming movie called “One Chance.”

As mentioned earlier, that this isn’t the first time Swift has made a success out of a stray single released despite the fact that the singer is still out touring one of her sets.


Yet, Swift sometimes tries to be modest, imperiled Fay Wray on record, in the studio, which indicates that she’s more like King Kong.

However, the rest of the industry cut back and becomes more cautious and frugal, but Taylor Swift manages well and keeps riding the wave. She’s buried some crucial material on deluxe editions, as well such as “The Moment I Knew,” a magnificent piano ballad with a gigantic beat, which would have been the centerpiece of anybody else’s album.

The song “Sweeter than Fiction,” which was co-written with Jack Antonoff and is exactly like what anyone would expect a fun. Taylor Swift collaboration to be, wouldn’t even be the foremost reason to pick up a copy of a Taylor Swift collection. But, the way things are going, it could also be the last odds and sods collection ever.