Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the sixth installment of Tom Clancy Splinter Cell series and is published by Ubisoft.

The game will hit the stores on August 20 on all major videogames platforms. Ubisoft is a Paris based game company which was granted $263 million by the Ontario government.

Splinter Cell Blacklist is just another techno-babble Tom Clancy military gun fest. Blacklist is the most fleshed-out, complete-feeling Spinster Cell game yet released. It comes with four different types of challenge room side missions that can be tackled solo or co-op.

The multiplayer and co-op are the enjoyable part of the game, but on the other hand single player story campaign is easily the weakest part. It is not due to the lack of trying, but due to the lack of new ideas. The starting of the game feels like a patchwork of every other Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy games.


The plot of the game features an international group of terrorists called The Engineers who have set into motion a plot called The Blacklist which can destroy a major American city or piece of infrastructure until America agrees to withdraw its troops from every country in the world and ceases worldwide operations.

Only Sam and his cohort can stop them. The game is said to be inspired by the 9/11 attacks on America.

The game currently boasts an 82/100 average rating on Meta-critic. The game can be played on Xbox 360, Play Station 3, Wii U and PC. The game has been praised for removing Conviction’s monochrome visuals.