Spain Eliminates Paraguay in the World Cup 2010 Finals

It was another day for David Villa as once again, he became Spain’s hero in defeating Paraguay to advance in the Semi Finals round of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Villa’s Successful goal came in the 83rd minute just before the end of the match. It was in fact an unexpected goal since the ball just rebounded across the other post and finally hit the back of the net.

Team Paraguay were left speechless upon witnessing Spain’s goal. They tried their best to score a goal in the remaining minutes to at least tie the score which would prompt extra minutes of the game but it seemed this was not their lucky day. The game ended without a goal for Paraguay and they got eliminated in the World Cup 2010 finals.

With this win, Spain advanced to the Semi Finals Round and would face Germany on July 7 at Durban Stadium at 8:30PM.