South Korea Warns North Korea Of All-Out War

While the North Korea announces that it is ripping up military agreements with the South, South Korea conducts anti-submarine drills.

South Korean warships are conducting anti-submarine drills to prevent intrusions by North Korean after an investigation accused the North of attacking South’s warship with torpedoes. There were 10 naval vessels which took part in the war-game to send a strong message to Pyongyang.

“If the enemy invades our territory, even a little, we will firmly punish it, according to the belligerency rules to protect our country.”

As Seoul staged the sub drills, North Korea’s State run television and announced that the North would scrap the agreements between the two sides’ militaries. “We will completely repeal the military guarantee measures that our army is to enforce related to North South co-operation exchange.”

Thousands of protesters in the South capital of Seoul vented their frustration on effigies of leaders Kim Jong-il and his father.