Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) update 1.52

There had been multiple reports on Monday that the PS4 users had been experiencing severe issues with the PlayStation Network. Acting really quickly Sony has come with the update version 1.52 which has been rolled out to the console and makes many small fixes to the system.

Users who were playing games like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Killzone: Shadowfall were disconnected from the PlayStation Network and were temporarily locked out.

Adding to the frustration, many users started receiving error messages stating that a PS Plus subscription was required to play these games, despite the fact that they already had the subscription.

Sony acted really quickly to tackle the problem and had its engineers undertake an 8 hour maintenance session. The software update will significantly improve the stability of the system and will fix other minor unwanted problems too.

The update was announced by Sony via the official PlayStation twitter account. More developments shall be announced soon.

For users with the auto download feature turned on, the update would probably have been automatically downloaded on your system by now. For those who have not turned on the feature, it is advised to update the system before using the PS4 again.

If even after applying this update some users still face any issues, you can share them with us my commenting on this post. You can even inform Sony via Twitter.

A tough console war is going on between Sony and Microsoft and both tech giants are trying their best to outshine the other, which is a good thing for the gaming community.