Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) rumors, release date, and news


GameSpot, an online retailer, has put a 29 December release data on the pre-orders of PlayStation 4 though this has not been confirmed by Sony yet.

Despite of all the rumors that have been hinting a November release of the PlayStation 4, GameStop is pretty confident of the release date it has put on its website.

All the UK gamers are now disappointed who were hoping that a PlayStation 4 would be sitting right under their Christmas tree this December.

If you are going to pre-order the next-gen console from GameSpot, don’t panic if you don’t find the release date on the pre-order main page. However, as soon as you proceed through the process, you would find a 29 December release date along with the product summary.

Some of the leading retailers which include Amazon, Game UK and Ebay have refrained from giving any concrete date to the consumers, and most of them have mention the release date as ‘To be Announced’. The official PlayStation 4 website states that, ‘Reserve your PS4 now and it will be shipped at the release date around the end of 2013.’

It is still unclear that this date has been created by GameStop in a bid to entice customers or is it the actual date which has been provided to the retailer by Sony.

Earlier it had been announced by Amazon that gamers of UK who would be pre-ordering the console after August 6, are not guaranteed to receive the console on release day as there is a very high demand for the console.