“Ship My Pants” K-Mart Ad Goes Viral (Video)

K-Mart’s latest advertisement entitled “Ship My Pants” is going viral. With the tight competition among big retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target, JC Penney, among others, everyone is making their own ‘gimmick’ just to entice customers.

Convenience is the key to win customers. What would be more convenient than shopping online and have the items shipped directly to your home?

Kmart has introduced its “Ship My Pants” ad leveraging from the fact that if you can’t find what you’re looking for in a store, you or a sales associate can find it for you online at Kmart.com and then have it sent to your home for free! Talk about convenience!

Kmart's "Ship My Pants" Ad
Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” Ad

The Kmart ad has garnered more than 2 million views in Youtube since it was uploaded by Kmart on April 10. Watch it below to know why a lot of viewers are laughing about it. Will you ship your pants too as with many others in the video?