Saturday Night Live (SNL) featuring Kerry Washington


The episode of SNL last week, had something to prove, although what that was never became entirely clear. Kerry Washington picked up hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ on Nov. 2, and right out of the gate, Washington wasted no time to poke fun at the diversity issue on the sketch comedy program.

If the intention of the episode was to prove that Kerry Washington brings a spark of energy to most and anything she touches, the episode was successful in it.

The episode also succeeded in proving that Jay Pharoah has grown into more than just a skilled impressionist, and judging by previous seasons, he definitely did some significant amount of work.

The SNL episode this week, proved its competence that it still can do what it has always done like addressing an issue with comedy and confidence, without feeling the need to offer any real solutions or understanding how the problem should be taken care of.

SNL’s episode last week was full of sketches which left everyone confused but was anyhow fascinating. Maybe it did not make you laugh your hardest but possibly left you wanting more.

Including the show itself, going into this week’s episode, diversity was the one word on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Few weeks ago, when Kenan Thompson’s remarked to TV Guide about the lack of a black female cast member from the time Maya Rudolph left the show in 2007, is just because the show was not able to find black female comedians who “are ready,” whereas, the choice to have Kerry Washington host this week’s episode gives the impression that it was aptly timed.