San Diego Mayor Bob Filner blames the city council for the alleged sexual harassment


San Diego Mayor, Bob Filner, 70 years, has been accused by a former employee, Irene McCormack Jackson, for alleged sexual harassment and that too multiple times.

However, the Mayor launched an extraordinary defense against the allegations by stating that he never got any training on how not to sexually harass staff members.

Harvey Berger, lawyer of Filner, said that the city has a legal obligation of providing all the management level employees with training for sexual harassment and that the training was not provided to Bob Filner.

The training was cancelled and was never rescheduled. Officer Jay Goldstone, former chief operating officer of the city, remembers the things differently as said by Voice of San Diego report. According to Jay it was Filner’s staff that cancelled the training due to time constraints.

Jackson had sued the mayor and the city on July 22, complaining that the mayor asked her to work without her panties and that he wanted her to see naked. Complaining further she said that the mayor also demanded kisses and dragged her in a headlock while whispering in her ear.

Filner is facing allegations of sexual harassment from eight other women. Irene is one of them. Filner, however, has apologized and has begged voters to let him keep his job. But the apology doesn’t seem to be affecting the public.

Deborah Romo, a resident of San Diego, says that one should know where to draw line and that no special training is necessary to teach this. Another resident said that Filner is just looking for a way out by presenting such defences.