Samsung Galaxy S5 specs, features, and release date

The war of the smartphones is heating up with several of the manufacturers coming out with their latest models in the coming months.

There are always some leaks and rumors about the phones users are interested in. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is no different. With just a few months to go before its release users can take stock of what to expect from the smartphone giant.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 now a few months old, attention has already turned to its successor, with Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors starting to do the rounds.

Samsung recently confirmed that it had started mass production of the first 3GB low power DDR3 RAM chips for mobile devices. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 set to be the manufacturer’s new flagship phone, it makes sense that it will run the company’s latest developments and most advanced components.

The S5 is likely to have a 16 Core Processor, which was the best feature of its predecessor (S4). It can also feature a 16MP Camera along with a 32 Multi Touch screen, which will take user experience especially in gaming to a whole new level.

The Galaxy S5 may come in an elegant carbon fibre body. The customers will be able to see the difference in the look and feel of the smartphone straightaway because the carbon fibre body will give the phone a light weight and stylish look.

If Samsung sticks with past tradition about the release of its products, then it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will be held sometime around April/May 2014.