Samsung Galaxy S5 rumored to feature a metal body – Features and Specs

It has become a trend now that whenever we are expecting a major addition to the Samsung Galaxy series, rumors start pouring in that it will be the first device to feature a premium metal construction.

First the Galaxy S3, then the S4 and now the same rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5. Barely few months are left before Samsung makes the Galaxy S5 official, but Korean news site ETNews claims that the production of the all metal Galaxy S5 is already begun.

The news site claims that the initial prototype that was designed in Europe has already made its way to Samsung’s Vietnam plant for mass production. But it looks like the Galaxy S4 will not be the only Samsung device to feature an all metal body in 2014.

It appears that Samsung is secretly working on another new premier lines of phone that will be called the Galaxy F series (SM-G900F).

This will be an even more high-end phone as compared to the Galaxy S series and would be the first device to feature Samsung’s QHD 2K displays with a resolution of 2560 x 1600. But this is just a speculation or a rumor for the time being and no other news about any specification of the phone has been revealed.

Undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be a killer phone with respect to specs and features but will Samsung finally follow in the footsteps of Apple and HTC and use a premium aluminum build is still a question of high doubts.