Samsung Galaxy S5 rumored to come with 16 megapixel camera

While Samsung is preparing for the Galaxy Note III launch event, which is scheduled for September 4, rumors about the successor to Samsung’s flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4, have started surfacing.

A South Korean news website has reported that the upcoming Galaxy S5 will come equipped with a 16MP camera with optical image stabilization.

The image sensors for the camera are rumored to be manufactured by Sony. This will be an upgrade from the 13MP camera module used in the Galaxy S4 and widely expected to also feature in the upcoming Galaxy Note III.

According to the report, Samsung earlier planned to include the OIS function in the Galaxy Note III, but due to problems with parts supply, the plan was deferred.

The only Samsung phone to have this feature currently is the Galaxy S4 zoom, which is a cross between an Android phone and a 16MP camera.

Samsung has also applied for patent of a metal-bodied design, which is rumored to debut with the Galaxy S5. This handset is also said to have a flexible and shatterproof screen; a prototype of this screen was also showcased by the manufacturer earlier this year.

Currently, Nokia Lumia 1020, Lumia 925, Lumia 920, HTC One, LG G2 along with Xperia Z1 are the only phones that have optical image stabilization feature, which helps produce blur-free photos.

Samsung is expected to complete the development of the 16-mega-pixel camera module by the end of this year, and is likely to launch the Galaxy S5 early next year.