Samsung Galaxy S5 release date affected by Galaxy S4 course correction, Nokia Lumia 1020, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 6


Samsung did not expect that it would release so much release date pressure on its Galaxy S5.

The sales of Galaxy S4 fell flat after a few months of its launch and turns out that it was not an industry wide smartphone sales fall.

Apple announced that the sales of iPhone had gone up by twenty percent in this quarter, so people are not refraining from buying smartphones but they are shying away from the S4 in particular.

Now Samsung has all its hopes on its upcoming devices, mainly the Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy S5. But the Galaxy S series has been Samsung’s flagship all these years.

The successor would definitely need to be radical and not only in design but in every aspect. Samsung needs to come out with something really different to make the smartphone stand out, something like the fingerprint scanner coming out with the rumoured iPhone 5S.

It would need killer features to compete in the current market with the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 in the line, Nokia coming up with the world’s best camera phone in the form of Lumia 1020 and many other devices by HTC as well. Samsung would need to keep all this in mind. Patents of all these devices could cause a lot of trouble to Samsung.

It is also expected that Samsung will revamp in Galaxy S5’s design as the S4’s round designed was heavily criticized by reviewers as it was almost similar to the S3.

Samsung has been highly criticized in the past for using cheap and fragile plastic body in their devices and it is high time they move on to some more sturdy and durable material.